Have you wondered about setting up a Facebook group for your (Facebook) online tutoring business?

If you’re in my Facebook Group, you’ve heard me saying many times that a Facebook group really helps to get online students ( see what I did there? )

‘I know how to work the tech, but I just don’t know how to get students’ is a phrase I hear often in that group.

People in the group buy a website from me and then say ‘I can’t find any students…’

Others set up a Facebook page and say, ‘I can’t find any students…’

Let me say it again…

…The answer to the question, ‘How do I find students online to teach?’ is-

‘Lots of ways!’ and all of them working together – there isn’t just one thing,one way to find students

Two ways is through a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group

We looked at Facebook Pages earlier this year – click here if you missed it

Let’s look now at why you need a Facebook group too.

In short, a Facebook Group requires far more commitment from its members.

Think about it, think about the Facebook groups you’re in.

You had to ask to join – commitment!

In many cases you have to answer questions to join -commitment!

When you’re in, accepted into the group, you have to read rules – commitment!

Hopefully you’ll post questions and give answers to others too: commitment!

You’re part of the gang.You’re committed.You have a ready, eager, engaged audience.

Now what as group leaders do we do with that commitment?  Because it’s not life-long attendance, it’s not a given that members will stay or keep coming back.

This is when the hard work begins.

No we have to nurture it, feed it, be grateful for that commitment by posting really helpful stuff.

Stuff that chimes with them and helps them and makes them want to come back to the group again and again.

SO how then as the owner of the group do we do that ?

The best way I can describe it is that having a Facebook group is like throwing one big party – and you’re the host

And to make a party great requires really good hosts And it starts off the moment the doorbell rings

So, be at the door and welcome them in: take their coat and get them a drink.

Acknowledge they’e there – make a weekly /daily post welcoming all your new members  and invite them to speak some  time soon.

Then introduce them to other guests – by encouraging them to post, others will chime in. Tag other members of your group in the chat.

In my How to Tutor Online group I ask, ‘What do you teach and where are you on this online journey?’

You could ask questions like:

  • what do you struggle with in Maths
  • which part of the SATS course is the most challenging for you?
  • French grammar – what’s the  hardest part for you ?

That way you’re opening up the conversation and making the member feel like they’re in exactly the right place, valued, included.

What should I post in my Facebook Group ?

You’re creating a community and that ‘s why people are there

BUT -and this is where time is against us …we have to keep it up.

We have to lead guests to the buffet table over and over again  (so to speak – I’m so enjoying this analogy, can you tell?:))

The dancing should go on into the early hours and the drink should keep flowing.

We don’t want anyone leaving early – as a witty, engaging host we have to want them to stay at the party -it’s not a great party if all the guests leave early.

How then do we do that?

We do that by posting regularly and encouraging engagement.

  • have live meet ups
  • post every day:helpful, useful content that makes people engage
  • Ask questions 

A good way to do this is to have what I call FB Buckets

Take your subject and break it down into the sections people need so: algebra, geometry and arithmetic and make posts about these a week in advance for every day of the week:

Monday Motivation

Tuesday Trigonometry

Wednesday Wins

…You get the idea ?

  • Write a post and add a great looking image (hello Canva!)
  •  schedule a post every day
  • Tag members you know have experience in this or need help with it or are new members

You have to be seen working the room!

…and then that awkward part when people go and get their coats …well it just never happens.

Best party ever!

And the result of all of this ? 

When you make an offer of working together, it’s not a difficult decision. You’re the expert. Their go-to person for this subject. You’re running a revision class? ✅

You’re offering group tuition? ✅

You’re selling materials ? ✅

Have a look at a few of the Facebook groups of people in the How to Tutor Online course who’re  all great hosts:

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You’re invited to my party:

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