A Facebook Page for online tutors?  Here’s how setting one up will help you showcase your tutoring skills 

You know that to tutor online you need to have an online presence . 

You just don’t want to set up a website just yet. I get that. 

It can be a daunting process – great images, great copy – there’s just not the time at the moment . 

But it’s definitely on the to-do list.  (When you’re ready, I can help with a website designed especially for tutors- click here )

That doesn’t need to hold you back. 

A great way to get around this is to use Facebook instead.

A Facebook page for online tutors is like having a public notice board – where you can post news about you offerings as well as offer exam tips, links to PDFs and tips on how to pass exams

How to get started with Facebook 

The best way to do this is to start with a Facebook page. It’s not difficult to set up but it takes some time to fill out the different entries – you want as full detail as possible. 

Here’s a link to how to set it up:  https://blog.hootsuite.com/steps-to-create-a-facebook-business-page/

Make sure too you use a good image at the top and a top tip here is to make the image these dimensions  Dimensions: 1640 x 630 pixels rather than the stated ones FB gives which always makes the image fuzzy.  

Have a read at this here if you’re struggling with your images https://havecamerawilltravel.com/photographer/sharp-text-facebook-image/

How to get people to like your page ? 

Share, share and share again!  Be shameless 

  • Ask friends 
  • Ask relations
  • Ask friends of relations 
  • Ask relations of friends to share it and like it 

Who’s your audience?

School pupils ? If yes, then you need to find their parents – after all ,it’s them who’ll  ‘employ’ you and pay you . 

Try joining Facebook parenting groups – you’ll be amazed at the opportunities to contribute to exam type conversations 

The best way to get attention in there is to offer great advice and tips on your subject . 

A word of warning here. Don’t go into a group and try to sell yourself. 

That’s salesy and scammy and people will run a mile from you .

It’s the equivalent of approaching  someone in the street and trying to sell them something. 

Instead you want to give, give, give. 

Free content that’s really helpful so that students can’t help but keep returning to your page for help. 

Great content on your Facebook Page means that people return again and again.  

What Does Great Content Look Like ? 

  • Facebook Lives are great 
  • Videos are great too -of you going over an exam question and the solution 
  • A written exam answer 
  • Links to other great content – don’t be frightened of sharing the love

Here I share some great -looking FB Pages:


How Often to Post 

As often as you can is the best answer here. 

Make yourself useful  – and keep the momentum up 

Be consistent 

Batch Content  

I’ll never have time to post every day or every week even I hear you cry ! 

But a great way round this is to batch content.

Take a few hours and make content for a month or even longer.

It means you’re in the content creating zone and don’t have to think of what to post, you’re on a content roll and it just keeps coming!

It used to be that you could schedule posts on FB pages but you can only do that now in FB groups. FB is encouraging groups more and more and we’ll look at why that is.

In the meantime create the posts with images of course- in a Google Doc or on a Trello Board. like this one- 

Trello for online tutors

Create content for online tutoring posts

That way they’re good to go and you don’t need to think about it 


Although a website’s a pretty essential tool for online tutors,  a Facebook Page is a great way to get started, to create connection with potential students and let them see how great it’d be to work with you 

The next step is a Facebook Group –  and that’s the next blog post !

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