My husband says I’m nosy. I say I’m interested, intelligently inquistive, inquiring even.

Admittedly that’s debatable when I have my face squeezed up at someone else’s  window when we’re out for a walk  by the seashore. True, I love Hello Magazine, 25 Beautiful Homes and the Life in a Day feature in the UK’s Sunday Times Newspaper.

BUT there’s nothing I like better than a look behind the scenes of someone else’s business.

So here then is a look behind the platform that I use to deliver my 1:1 tutoring and my online classes tutoring.  I know lots of you have expressed interest – worry even- at what platform to use to deliver your courses and just technology in general.

This platform makes delivering courses seamless.

I had it built three years ago and while there are a few things I’d like to change and tweaks I’d like to make, it works really well.

I’m keen to hear what you think

Come on in nosey pokes!