It’s that time of year when we’re approaching exams in the UK and racing towards the academic finish line.

That means saying goodbye to lots of students we’ve (hopefully ) guided through the year to exam success .

aBut before you do there’s one more vital thing you need to do-

Ask for Feedback!

Here’s why:

You know when Apple brings out a new gadget and there’s a queue round the block waiting to buy it?

Or when Nike or some other big name icon has a new product being released, or ‘dropped’ as it’s known – (see me , see down with the kids!)

Well, these people who jump in and buy something  without really knowing about it, these ‘early adopters’ as they’re known in marketing terms – are vital in the world of tech. Actually in the world.

These are  people who’ll leap into the unknown; their blind faith and brand loyalty keeping  them warm as they queue round the block all night long to get their hands on the latest must- have gadget or software or even trainers.

Not me. When I buy something, I need to know that someone has gone before me, that there’s proof it works. I want to eat at the full restaurant with a line at the door, not the empty one across the road.

And I’m not alone. Think of Trip Advisor or restaurant reviews in newspapers, car reviews, book reviews, film reviews …

Social Proof is Huge.

We need social proof that something has worked for someone else.

It’s the same for online tutoring. Even more so. If I land on your website and read glowing testimonials from students singing your praises then I’m in.

Remember for many parents and for the students themselves, this will be their first foray into online tuition and that means that testimonials from your early adopters are really, really important.

They need to feel assured that they’re in the right place, that online is the right choice and you’re the right man for the job ( so to speak !)

So we need testimonials- feedback from your students.

I’ve put together a really useful PDF checklist  for this –  the how to get great feedback, when to get feedback and what to do with feedback once you have it. Click below to get it

You might be surprised at a few suggestions here, especially when to ask for feedback.

Click here to download it and get more students to sign up with you.

And while I work on the How to Tutor Online Summer School , here’s a shameless glimpse of some of the positive feedback I’ve had from the students doing the course :

 I really feel you are in there with us and that is very encouraging. To not feel alone on this huge new venture is very assuring.

I love that you are not a Millennial. You are like me and I never feel you are looking down on me for my techno un-savviness! You’re walking alongside us and your availability takes the need for being overwhelmed  away.

I’ve made huge progress in such a short space of time. My head is spinning and I’m too excited to sleep at night!

Thanks very much for all your ongoing support, it’s really keeping us all going. I’m having to do a lot of work on mindset – once I realised the potential I was terrified! Have now got my head around it.

Just watched the meeting and felt like I was there. Thank you Deany for your amazing support and being so available to help.

…oh, and it does wonders for your confidence too !

Come on over to the Facebook Group and we can talk about feedback.

Talk soon


P.S.Click below to get your PDF

Download the Feedback PDF

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