I’d be very rich if I had a pound every time someone asked me so, what can I teach online?

This is a question I’m asked by lots of people when I explain what I do for a living. Because what I do, teaching online is exciting and people are intrigued  by  it .

They always want to know more. And then when they hear more about it, it sets them to think of what they could offer online.

  • Can I teach primary children online?
  • Can I  teach baking online?
  • Can I  teach piano online?

The answer is of course yes, you can teach pretty much anything online.

And when I say anything, I mean anything!

I’ve been watching our now 11 week- old puppy Cooper a lot over the last three weeks. Huge cuteness aside, I feel as if I’ve seen lots of parallels between training a puppy and launching an online course.

I’d forgotten how  much work puppies  are – especially at the beginning. He’s not our first dog but you forget.

Similarly, How to Tutor Online  isn’t  my first online course – I’ve created  a few now, but I’d forgotten  about the number of stages involved, all the moving parts.

Herding cats is the phrase that comes to mind.

But there’s the thing: puppies don’t know what they don’t know. And neither do we.

Cooper happily eats rose bushes until his mouth bleeds. Then he stops. He doesn’t chew rose bushes again so quickly.

Then he eats stones. Sharp, gritty stones. Until his mouth bleeds again. And then he stops that.

But the great thing watching him is that he has a go, he’s open to all possibilities until he learns what is and isn’t helping him.

We should be the same. I’m not suggesting we eat rose bushes but we should be fearless.

We should be open to new ideas. To change.

We can teach anything online if we put our mind to it

After all, what we are doing is really,really brave. To strike out and tutor online, set up our own online tutoring business.

To trust that we have the creativity to earn our own income, to use technology to find our own market  is brave. We’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

Which brings me to puppy training. I’ve seen that the way to learn something new is to go over it and over it and  over it. Every single day and then the penny drops.

I now have an 11- week old puppy who can give a paw, who can lie down to command, sit up on command and walk beautifully on a lead.

He’s only 11 weeks old but already he’s more obedient than the other dogs I’ve had because I didn’t think I had time to train a dog.

Of course, you don’t have time not to.

If you invest  time at the beginning of your puppy’s life then your life is is much easier and simpler and just, more enjoyable.

And that’s kind of the approach I’m taking to getting my course out there. I’m putting everything in place before launching so that there are no accidents on the floor, so to speak .

Best of all about this tail today (see what I did there?) is that I learned all my dog training from an expert dog trainer without leaving the house.

Yep, www.trainyourdogonline.co.uk is an online training course that cost me £39. I had an expert on hand and I could go at my own space. Sorted. So in answer to the question, what can I teach online – is everything, even dog training.

Can primary teachers teach online? 

Yes they sure can !

And so can piano teachers. And maths teachers. And cooking…

Think about the expertise you can offer so many more people when you get started with online tutoring.

Click below to hear me talking about this in more detail .

I talk about the different options of what you can teach online

I’m excited about the future.

Are you ?

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