There’s something about the view from a sun lounger that makes everything seem, well… different.
I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve had some of my best ideas on holiday.
The combination of  heat, swimming and Ambre Solaire creates space in my brain, stills the snow globe in my  head and gets my creative juices cranked up.
The distance from our every day lives  grows  possibilities. Thinking Big becomes the order of the day.
The two big career changes in my life were born on a sun lounger. So to speak.
Once I had a family, much as I loved teaching, I hated leaving my children to go to work. I tried working  part-time but I’m not sure teaching is something I did well part-time (that’s another blog post).
As the sun beat down I  thought of how I could combine my two great loves.
Tutoring in the evenings was an answer but then I’d see so little of  my husband – another of my great loves.
Inspiration struck reading a newspaper. I  could write part- time. It would mean no more teaching but I could always return.
My freelance writing career – Deany Judd – was born.
Fast forward ten years.  Lots of articles published, lots of words written, celebrities interviewed- I’d made a nice high-earning career for myself.
BUT the classroom was still calling. Actually not the classroom. Teaching.
Of course it’s when your children are older that they need you most. SO how could I combine teaching with staying at home and earn the same amount of money? Back to the sun lounger for inspiration. (there are worse places to be inspired)
Could I harness technology – yet another of my loves -and work from home?
Star Student was born.
It took a lot of work and a lot of self- belief to get it going but I created a career which allows me to work as often as I want to and enjoy my family.
My holiday takeaways this year?
To show others how to do the same . My mission is for teachers and tutors to take their knowledge, package it and be rewarded financially for their expertise. To get this course out there and then I’ll have another thing to love.
Share your sunlounger scoops below – what inspirations have struck this summer?