Are you worried about your income over the summer? Summer can be a dead time – and for some tutors a worrying time. In my first year of tutoring online I was lucky enough to tutor an international  junior tennis player as she travelled around the world – she didn’t have summer holidays. I was committed to working with her through the summer months. Working at erratic times, often last minute depending how she played, it made sense to see who else was around and wanted or needed tutoring too during the summer. Lots of people it turns out. I discovered that Summer tutoring can be whatever you want it to be You just have to be creative when it comes to marketing what you’re offering. Here’s what I mean. First step is to stand in their shoes and ask yourself what do people want? Do you have a long term pupil who needs ongoing support but is abroad for much of the summer ? How about a pupil who has fallen behind ? Are you on holiday? How will that work? Online tutoring. Skiing is a good example of  this. Many pupils take ski holidays close to exam time and online tutoring in the afternoon allows them to have the best of both worlds.  (Ski companies are now including online tutoring as part of their ski holiday package) This can work in summer too. Next step is to look at the language you use to market what you’re offering. If you tutor to exams specifically, then as a parent a two week, hour- a- day course entitled Headstart in GCSE English Lit or SATS Confidence – You’ve Got It !  sounds almost appealing. Use language that expresses the benefits to parents –  words such as catch up, confidence, headstart,  are all good terms to use. Not revision or exam preparation or words that are loaded with heaviness for the summer. Keep the language light. That’s not to deceive but in keeping  with all things summery, this is a time to Tutor- Lite if you like. Are you tutoring adults? Summer can be a tricky time, they may  have children around and a less structured day in many cases. Adjust your materials and lessons. Use Jing to make a 5 minute video that can be  accessed every day on your website or be emailed. Lastly, summer is a great time to offer taster sessions of what you offer. A week’s taster course? (paid for) An hour’s taster session? (unpaid) Sounds great and will reel them in ready to get autumn off to a flying start . And of course, Don’t forget yourself –  summer is just the best time to learn things yourself. Catch up with new software, update materials,  grow  your confidence, get your autumn off to a headstart-  see what I did there ? Whatever you do, ensure you enjoy yourself .