Yep, overworked teacher or not, Christmas, and all that comes with it, is finally upon us, for better or worse.

Can you feel it?

You know, the time of year everyone, even us overworked teachers have been thinking about / dreading / preparing for since shops filled their shelves with all things tinsely and the Christmas music started up?   A month or *gasp* two months ago.

Scrooges and cynics aside, this time of year is all about spending time with family and eating a bit too much. 

An added bonus for many people is the rest and relaxation that allows us to unwind and recharge our batteries for the year ahead.

Teachers aren’t like other people

For most people, time off work means just that… time off. But as many of us know, overworked teachers aren’t most people.

For those of us who devote our lives to being the best teacher we can possibly be much of the holiday season will be spent preparing for the second half of the school year ,either :

  1. Planning
    As teachers, we’re always looking for the time and inspiration to create lesson plans that’ll engage, invigorate and excite our students. While our neighbours, friends and family have left their work-related woes in their offices, we’ve never quite switched off, we’re always searching, googling and… working!

2. Tweaking
Once the school year starts in the autumn/fall, it doesn’t take long for life to gather speed. Before long, teachers are huffing and puffing to catch up with all the demands on their time.

Often, Christmas break is the first occasion overworked teachers have to come up for air and assess the first half of the school year.

Weekends are much the same

I know what it’s like to only find the time to do these things during “time off” from school – holidays and weekends.

These posts are from a teacher’s Facebook group I’m in and are typical of posts every Sunday: 

If you’re facing yet another holiday:

  • feeling divided from your loved ones,
  • with a heavy bag of books sitting accusingly
  • robbed of much-needed relaxation

Let me offer you the possibility of a Christmas miracle:

This could be the last year that you ever have to spend your Christmas break working.

The last Christmas you’re finishing the term feeling drained, exhausted and like you’re crawling towards the last day of term.

Becoming an online tutor gives you full control over your schedule.

Having the freedom to decide how, where and when you teach allows you to devote yourself to subjects that fill your spirit, strengthen your teaching skills and create time for things that matter.

Like experiencing a real Christmas vacation, for instance.

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