I’ve always had a soft spot for stationery; it might be a teacher/writer thing. From propelling pencils to paper clips and notebooks, they all hold a world of potential. While I wasn’t the most diligent student, my organizational skills were top-notch. I often spent school holidays restocking my supplies: dividers, hole punchers, pencils – each item a source of joy.

As a teacher, there was the stationery cupboard, a treasure trove of sharp pencils, creamy erasers, and stacks of jotters – I can almost smell it now. Taking the register each morning brought its own peculiar satisfaction – red pen, crosses, ticks, orderly rows, neat boxes. My love for stationery remained steadfast, and it seems to me that a fondness for stationery goes hand in hand with an affinity for technology. Or perhaps that’s just my conjecture?

One of the most rewarding aspects of online tutoring is the freedom to experiment with a plethora of software tools. Software, like virtual stationery, ignites my curiosity and drives me to explore extensively. I can lose myself for hours, and I often do.

Oddly enough, I wouldn’t label myself as a ‘techie,’ yet the contemporary software landscape has transformed us all into tech-savvy individuals.

Online Tutoring Tools: My Top Pick

Let me introduce you to my absolute favorite tool: Evernote. Thanks to the enthusiastic endorsement of Karen Sergeant, an advocate for all things Evernote, I dived headfirst into this versatile tool. Evernote has become an integral part of my tutoring journey, offering immense potential.

With cloud storage and accessibility across various devices, Evernote is the epitome of organization. The Evernote Clip feature, represented by the iconic elephant head logo, allows you to save web pages for later reference. The tagging system and folder organization ensure easy retrieval of stored information.

The app also enables you to snap photos and save them directly to Evernote. A recent trip to the dentist’s waiting room showcased its convenience as I captured a document using my phone’s camera.

If you’re unfamiliar with Evernote, I recommend exploring this blog post to get started, and you can find Karen’s insights on her blog.

A Quirky Addition: Coffetivity

As a quirky recommendation this week, allow me to introduce you to Coffetivity. This app replicates the ambient noise of a bustling coffee shop, catering to those accustomed to working in such environments. Strangely addictive, it mirrors the experience of sipping coffee in a cafe, minus the caffeine fix.

However, even in this tech-driven era, traditional pen and paper maintain their place. At a recent launch of start-ups pitching their businesses in Toronto, many entrepreneurs sported Moleskine notebooks, a trendy choice among enthusiasts. With 17 million Moleskines sold last year, it’s evident that the allure of pen and paper remains strong.

In Your Digital Toolbox

So, what’s in your virtual pencil case? As we navigate the world of online tutoring, embracing online engagement through tools like Evernote can elevate our teaching experience. The fusion of digital innovation and enduring pen-and-paper charm allows us to create a dynamic and versatile approach to education. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!