It’s the start of the academic year for many of us

That means lots of enquiries from potential students, lots of admin, lots of fielding questions :

First impressions count and this is our opportunity as online tutors to hit the ground running 

You want any potential parent/ student to think that you’re a professional; an expert in your field.

Does that come across?

My son Harry had tutors in his final year at school and they all came recommended. Word of mouth

One tutor stood out.

When I called to ask about her availability she laid out how she worked, what she expected of me, what  she expected of Harry, how she was paid, what happened if we missed a week. what happened if  Harry didn’t do homework…

I was left in no doubt that this was her company, her area of expertise and that I was in very good (if not terrifying!) hands.

And that’s the thing.

Confusion can abound if you don’t lay down the ground rules

*What do you expect?
*How do you get paid?
*What do you expect of the parents ?
Of the students?
*Homework – whats your policy?
*Communication – with parents how and when will you contact them?

I’ve made a video of how to make a great first impression

Have a look at this video to see how best to onboard your students.

Watch this video CLICK HERE