How has your New Year started ?

Same old, same old… or are you out the traps at a great pace and off to the races ?

A lot of metaphors there – and mixed metaphors at that !

It’s going to be a good year for online tutoring, I just know it.

Schools are short staffed, teachers are disillusioned and there’s a feeling that things have to change.

The good news is that as online tutors, we’re a step ahead and know what’s involved to stay ahead of the field

We just have to do it..

Let’s make 2020 the year we let people know about us.

In other words, we need to …whisper it … market ourselves.

It’s a like a dirty word marketing. It makes many of us shudder. After all, we’re educators not lowly marketers .

Except to work successfully in the online space we need to be both .

That means dedicating ourselves to concentrated times of preparing content to put out there. Content such as blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Linkedin posts … you get the idea

  • To let people know what we’re there 
  • To let people see us as experts in our subject
  • To let people see what working with us would be like

To work online we have to be online. It’s as simple as that.

We need to be business like about it, professional.  We need to dedicate time to creating an online presence  – it doesn’t just magically happen

Dedicate. Yes. Sit on a chair and hammer out content- things you’ll post on your blog and on social media- for weeks ahead.

If you’re organised then the job of marketing as an online tutor which leads to getting students to work with you online is much easier.

Here are a few steps to get started

  1. Take an overview of the year and mark out important dates for your students – exam dates, holidays etc – your content is going to work round this
  2. Break the year into 4 quarters – it’s much  easier to create content for only 3 months ahead.
  3. Now create a Trello Board like this to sort out your content
  4. Choose one piece of content that is going to be your content focus – it that a You Tube video, a blog post or a podcast?
  5. Once you’ve created that content, break it down into much smaller social media chunks.

See this video here:

If you like the look of this, there’s lots of information in my Facebook group about working with Trello. I’m a huge fan.

There’s also  a great free give away editorial calendar here with a company called Coschedule  – a hard copy that you can print off and work on in the old fashioned pen- and -paper -way. I use it for the annual calendar overview

This is the first of 4 blog posts this month on how to get organised.

But there’s a whole lot going on in the Facebook Group too.

As well as all the sharing, chat and support  we’ve got hot seats for tutors, guest speakers and weekly online meet-ups planned,  – it’s all happening !

If you’re not already a member  of the Facebook Group, join here and if you are  already a member but haven’t been in there for a while, please come back and join in.

Let’s all make 2020 our best year yet!