I want to teach online – I must get at least 5 emails every week with that as the subject heading.

But I couldn’t believe the response to my recent post about the Top 1% of teachers

…or, more accurately, my post about the other 99%.

You know, the ones whose base salary barely puts them above the poverty line, who don’t even reach their top-of-scale salary until they’re just about retirement age, and whose hourly wage is stretched thin by ridiculous amounts of overtime.

It seems that most of you are in that 99%…and you are feeling it!

  • You’ve been thinking about other jobs or career options, but you love teaching too much to give it up
  • You’re ready for a change , but you need to be sure it’ll be worth the effort
  • You like the idea of online teaching  but you’re too exhausted to research all the tools and resources you need to make it work!

I know how you feel, because I was there myself. (It feels like not that long ago!)

That’s why I’ve put together this one-page “cheat sheet” for you with my Top 5 favourite tools for running my online tutoring service.

(And yes, I know how funny it sounds for an educator to offer you a cheat sheet 🙂

These five resources occupy the top shelf in my digital toolkit. Some you may already use for other purposes in your life, and others will be a lovely new discovery! (If you knew how easily I can spend hours playing with designs and typefaces on Canva…)

They’re all easy to access, simple to use…oh, and also completely FREE.

Just like this cheat sheet, in fact!

I can tell you from experience that breaking free of the traditional education system’s limits is that much easier once you know what tools to use.

So if you want to teach online, dive in and  explore these tools (did I mention they’re free?), and see how your creativity starts to flow?