#Does the online course work?  


Primary Teacher, Caitlin McKenzie talks about the difference the How to Tutor Online Course has made to her life

Science teacher Laura McSharry and I talk about how she’s changed direction in 6 months and how excited she is about what the future holds for her and her new business.

Let’s have a look!

This course has been the answer to my prayers. It has ticked all the boxes for me and given me so much more than I expected.
I wanted to have the autonomy to teach what I wanted,with the flexibility that online work offers.I am now making the decisions! It has certainly put me out of my comfort zone from a techy point of view but that is not a bad thing.
The course is comprehensive,well structured and broken down into Modules/lessons which are ‘doable.’
Deany Judd explains things brilliantly and is a very pleasant,approachable, hands on person who is there to offer guidance and help every step of the way. 
I can’t praise the whole set up highly enough.
Thank you so much- it’s the lifeline that I needed to give me the knowledge, courage to set up this Business. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far and I know that my adventure is only just beginning!
Clare Turner Passgcsefrench.co.uk

Beryl St Martin

To anyone who is thinking of offering a course online then “How to tutor online” is the course
for you. Although it sounds like it’s aimed at academics, people who teach more vocational
subjects can use this course too.

I teach Floristry and the course is perfect for any subject.
And it’s CHEAP compared to other courses that are out there.
The support you get from the Facebook group and Deany’s meetups on Zoom are amazing.
Hand holding I call it! You will not be disappointed. The best money you will ever spend.