How do you get more students to tutor online ? 

Want your potential students to see your expertise from the off?

You need to Offer them something they’d find really helpful – that would leave them asking, ‘that’s really free?’ 

You need a hard-working fantastically USEFUL present – it’s called lead magnet strategies in the online world.

And here’s how to make a great one that keeps a regular stream of students beating a path to your door- and that’s what we all want isn’t it? 

Okay so Here’s how it works : people arrive at your website or on social media and you give them a present and they give you their email address 

In my other video I show you what to do with that email address  once you have it but here we’re looking at what lead magnet to offer 

…a fair exchange ? 

Yes … but listen up … it has to be a great lead magnet 

Well straight off it needs to be one that will make your students want to work with you  

I’m going to call this out immediately…creating lead magnet strategies for the sake of making a lead magnet will not work… in fact it will go against you – it will make you look like a not- very- good- online tutor 

… let me say this a little louder for the back row

The PERFECT lead magnet will show you as an expert in your subject and be super helpful to your prospective students 

…making their parents or them desperate to work with you 

Here are a few reasons why offering great lead magnet strategies is a great way to get your online tutoring business working at the next level.

It instantly establishes trust and goodwill with your students – if you give them something really useful and it’s FREE -…. Well that really makes you very attractive 

It shows that you care about your students 

What kind of family background do they come from ? 

What university do they hope to attend ? 

What TV shows do they watch ? 

What books do they read ? 

What music do they listen to ? 

Remember the old saying, talk to everyone and you talk to no-one so you really want to nail down who exactly you’re talking to 

Now what to create for them ? 

Now listen closely here : 

It needs to be something that helps them get closer to what they need 

So consider this: 

What are they struggling with that you can help them understand? 

So is it a concept ? It reassures parents and students that you know what they’re struggling with, you know the hard parts of the course 

It shows that you ‘get them’ – 

and it makes working with you easy 

OKAY so let’s create a lead magnet 

Where to start ? 

First off you want to think about who your ideal student is 

Who is this for ? 

What age are they ? 

What grade are they in 

Are they behind with the course or on track ? 

Is it a plan of how to do something …

Is it a part of the course that they have to work on on their own? 

What do parents say to you when you’ve spoken to them before – really think about that – he’s struggling with this  …. 

She has no idea how to do that ….

These  are the areas your lead magnet should cover 



IT should help them get closer to their goal right now 

SO that they download the worksheet or watch the video and they’re further along the road, they know what to do 

SO my lead magnet for teachers and tutors who want to start an online tutoring business is the first thing potential online tutors  ask me – I don’t know where to start, I don’t  know what to teach 

My lead magnet is a Niche What you TEACH  mini course with a video and a workbook 

For my Pass Higher English tutoring business it’s a video called My top ten tips to pass Higher English 

Because it’s a great way of letting students see me and the quality of my work, see that I know my subject and that I’m friendly and warm and professional 

Here are some other ideas : 

A step – by step video showing students how to do something that they really need 

A free ebook or chapter from an ebook 

A downloadable checklist , worksheet or cheat sheet 

With great worked examples 

A weekly email with top tips – in video format or written format 

A 30 day email course with tips every day 

A live class 

A  quiz 

A worked answer to an exam question – capturing your screen – a done for you exam answer 

Be creative here 


WHY ? 

Well you know when you go to the movies and you watch the trailers for coming-soon movies?

You go and see the movie and realise the best bits were all in the trailer – why is that ? 

Because they ‘re luring you to come and see the movie 

They need you to come and see it 

They’re only going to do that by showing you the best bits 

If they show you the mediocre, okay, bits you’re not likely to come 

It makes sense doesn’t it ? Well it’s the same with us 

Be  super helpful, give away what you think you should be paid for 

And that way you’ll have a trail of students working with you 

Okay so to recap: 

*A lead magnet is a key part of attracting students to work with you online 

*It’s initially what attracts students to us 

*It should be our very best stuff 

SO think about what your student is and what they really need and how best to offer that  

Now if you want to see may lead magnet and start on your own thriving online tutoring business – then go to HowToTutorOnline and get my free Niche What you Teach mini course to get started.