Walking my dogs this morning I was listening  to this week’s Desert Island Discs

If you’re in my Facebook Group you’ll know what this week one of my recommended podcasts is Desert Island Discs – other people’s lives combined with their choices of favourite music is endlessly interesting.

But something the presenter does at the end of each show is what I’m really interested in – repurposing content.

Say the guest is a great actor – Anthony Hopkins for instance. In his interview he may say that he worked with Jonathan Pryce recently and he introduced him to the work of Vivaldi and then they play a track of Vivaldi’s.

At the end of the show, the presenter says Anthony Hopkins mentioned Jonathan Price in the interview  and he was a guest in 2007 and then they played a snippet of her Desert Island Disc interview, showcasing the power of repurposing content once again.

Why do they play a snippet of his interview again?

Well,  because :

  • reusing content that already exists, it’s getting another outing – lots of the audience won’t have heard the original
  • they’ll want to hear more
  • go and listen to it in full.
  • they’ll become regular listeners to the show
  • start to listen to it regularly
  • share their love of it with others
  • the audience grows and grows

Result !

This morning  the guest was  writer Michael Williams  who lived next door to Dame Judi Dench who introduced him to Queen’s Barcelona and at the end of the programme, they played a snippet of her Desert Island Disc interview.

What can we as online tutors learn from this ?

Many things ! But mostly the impact of repurposing content you already have.

As online tutors, we can draw many lessons from this approach, especially the impact of repurposing content we already have. For instance, you can take a single blog post and break it down into several smaller pieces of content for various social media channels:

One blog post = 5 facebook posts  +1 Linkedin article + 5 Linkedin posts + 1 You Tube video

If I’d had more time I’d have made at least 5 Instagram posts too

How it works

Come over to my You Tube Channel and I’ll show you how I’ve done this to  good effect this last week and how you can do it too

The trick is too seek out your content, squeeze it dry – leaving you with less to do but reaching more people repurposed content this week and how you can too

To read more about how to do this effectively have a look at these sites too:

Content Boost 


You’ll already have great content that you’ve created – start with that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel

Come and join my Facebook Group and talk it over with other tutors