There are many myths about online tutoring- things people believe about how it works and how people will respond to it .

Like many long held beliefs, many of these are simply not true and for the last 8 years now I’ve been trying to field these objections in a bid for others to sees the great advantage of working this way .

In the interests of fairness , I’ll set out the problem and then my response to it . Let’s have a look firstly at what these myths about working online are

Things tutors say about why they’re NOT tutoring online:

  1. Technology is too difficult
  2. I’m not an expert in my subject3.
  3. Someone else is already doing a course that I want to teach
  4. It’s all just too scary
  5. It will take too much time
  6. I don’t want to wear pyjama bottoms to work
  7. I’m not sure what to launch
  8. Parents prefer face -to- face tutoring
  9. I don’t think pupils get as much out of online tutoring.
  10. Nobody will want it.

 And here then is the truth about online tutoring – after all I’ve been doing this for over 8 years now

  1. I can do it and I’m the least techy person you could meet.I can’t replace a plug or fix a tyre but I can teach  a class of 60 or more pupils online- yeah me!
  2. Who is? You know your subject inside out? You can teach in a classroom or face to face? You can teach online. End of.
  3.  Good.That means there’s a demand for it .
  4. Man up!
  5. Think of the time you spend travelling to and from a pupil’s house. The time it takes to talk to parents at the beginning and end of your lesson. The time it takes to settle down to work-way more than the hour you’re being paid. Online tutoring- one click, boom, you’re on!
  6.  But you can if you want to!
  7.  You will have so many choices it will make your head spin. And you can do one then another then another.
  8.  Only those who don’t know any different say that. It’s like shopping online and shopping on a High Street. Once parents have experienced that they don’t have to leave the the house or clear dinner plates or hoover, they’re in.
  9.  I know I would say this, BUT my experience is that they get more out of it.1:1 online tutoring is more intense (which is why I only offer 45 minutes 1:1). With small groups or online classes students get really involved.
  10.  Ha! Too late for that one. With 5.3 billion people online by 2020, it’s already happening

So …..any other excuses?